Important Tips to Help You Select the Perfect Kennel for Your Pet's Boarding Needs

18 Nov

If you are like most dog lovers, you will find it very hard to allow your dog to stay in an overnight boarding facility, leave alone a long-term one.   Even so, you can have peace and ensure your dog is under professional care and watch when you take the time to find the best Kennel for long-term boarding services.  No doubt there are situations that often warrant the need for boarding services.   A perfect example is when you have to be away for work or leisure and cannot carry your fur baby with you.   No doubt a Kennel is the best option especially if you don't want to bother your friends and relatives.  Here are some great tips to help you find the ideal Kennel for your fur baby for both long-term and short-term boarding services.

Vaccines are mandatory in any facility worth its weight in gold, at the very least Bordatella. The last thing you would want is to receive a call that your pet is sick when you are miles away.   Take the time to establish that your Kennel of choice has all necessary vaccinations and that all pets are up-to-date on their vaccines. You'll be able to find out more by clicking this link.

Cleanliness and great hygienic standards will no doubt keep sicknesses and those opportunistic infections at bay so be sure to check on those when selecting the right boarding facility for your pet.  How about you get to tour the facility before boarding your fur baby for long-term boarding services?  Be sure to take a tour of where the dogs sleep and also the common area, taking note of any issues that may compromise on the sanitary levels of the facility.  At the very least, the sleeping area must have clean and dry beddings and strategically placed litter boxes to avoid the spread of diseases.   By the same token, you must verify that the ventilation is perfect to ensure clean air is in circulation all the time to avoid airborne diseases.

To add to that, you must ensure there is enough space for every pet, particularly to allow easy access to raised sleeping areas. Besides, the playgroup areas and spaces should not only be clean but also supervised by trained and competent kennel staff.  Speaking of kennel staff, you want to choose a dog boarding facility that has the friendliest and knowledgeable staff in matters to do with dogs.   It needs no mentioning trained Kennel staff should have the knowledge to interpret dog behavior thus creating an environment the dogs will be happy. Further, you want to deal with Kennel staff that can answer all your questions and allay whatever fears you may have regarding your pet stay in their facility. You can learn more by clicking this link

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